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ASM MS&T Programming Committee

Society committee

Committee size: 14
Staff Liaison: Kathy Murray


The purpose of the ASM MS&T Programming Committee is to bring together the generators and users of information to meet the needs of ASM members and the materials community by providing technical resources for programming, primarily at MS&T. The MS&T Programming Committee shall support the ASM Strategic Plan and be accountable and responsible for those strategic actions which fall within the purview of the committee. It shall also be the responsibility of the committee to contribute new programming ideas that support the Strategic Plan. The primary task of the ASM MS&T Programming Committee is to provide programming guidance to the Materials Science and Technology Conference (MS&T) Programming Coordinating Committee. The ASM MS&T Programming Coordinating Committee determines, with input from ASM, ACERS, TMS and AIST, the topics of scheduled symposia, number of sessions associated with each symposium, the keynote addresses and overall technical content of MS&T.