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ASM International CEO Corner: Bridging The Digital Divide

January 31, 2019
Source: ASM International

By the time you read this column, ASM’s new Silverchair publishing and digital library system has been live for about a month, with the ASM Handbook series as the initial reengineered content.

We deeply appreciate the testing and feedback of nearly 100 volunteers to date, and we look forward to hearing from more of you about your experience with the latest system in our Digital Transformation. With its launch, we have now delivered the systems bridge across the digital divide.

For perspective, recall that ASM began the systemslevel work to cross the digital divide in early 2017. During the first two years of the ASM Renewal, we have completed cloud-based implementations of six enterprise-level systems, and seven end-to-end interfaces, essentially as planned: on time, on cost, and on function. In the realm of enterprise systems, ASM’s delivery record is nothing short of remarkable: Most enterprise system implementations fail to meet any of those critical performance metrics. In ASM’s case, we had no choice but to deliver with excellence, and thus far we have.

Going forward into 2019 and beyond, much work remains in content reengineering to complete ASM’s Digital Transformation and to render all ASM content discoverable, searchable, accessible, and interoperable via the internet.

Based on our benchmarking and testing experience from the Handbooks project, we are confident that our XML conversions, metadata tagging, abstract creation, and other reengineering methods are sound. Nonetheless, major challenges remain in prioritizing the conversion and deployment of our roughly 300,000 legacy content items as well as new content. Additionally, how to best complete the transition from a largely transactional business model to a predominantly electronic subscription business model remains to be devised and implemented.

We look forward to executing these transitions with your guidance and input, on the strength of our members’ accumulated wisdom. Please let us know your thoughts and advice on ASM’s remarkable progress toward a complete Digital Transformation.

William T. Mahoney, CEO, ASM International


This excerpt is from the January issue of Advanced Materials & Processes (AM&P).

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