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Nikon PCB inspection system features intuitive navigation of electronic devices

March 16, 2017
Source: ASM International

Nikon Metrology, Brighton, Mich., introduces the XT V 160, a highly flexible and cost-effective electronics and semiconductor inspection system designed for production facilities and failure analysis laboratories. In automated inspection mode, samples can be inspected at highest throughput. In manual mode, intuitive software and high-precision sample manipulation enable operators to visualize and evaluate the tiniest internal defects and deficiencies.

Operators control the five-axis sample manipulator with a precision joystick, while real-time X-ray images allow them to intuitively navigate complex printed circuit boards and electronic components.

The XT V 160 systems are supplied with a highly accurate sample manipulator with an optional precision CT rotate axis.  It is capable of multiple rotations even at maximum tilt. The rotate table of the premium XT V 160 provides helicopter flyaround views of any region of interest, even at maximum magnification. it can be configured with a choice of  premium system components to optimize performance for specific needs. 

Features include proprietary 160 kV source with submicron focal spot size; true 75-degree tilting angle for optimum inspection of BGAs; fast data capture and high-quality imaging; and large tray for loading multiple boards. 

Applications include solder reflow analysis; BGA connectivity and analysis; solder void calculation; through-hole measurement and inspection; die attach voiding measurement; ball bond analysis; and many more.



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