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Buehler supports ASM World Training Center with metallographic and test equipment

April 02, 2017
Source: ASM International

ASM International, Materials Park, Ohio, announces that Buehler, an ITW Company in Lake Bluff, Ill., has renewed its collaboration with ASM by supporting the ASM World Training Center with new metallographic and test instruments.  Through this continuing effort, ASM will include Buehler's newest metallographic preparation equipment: the EcoMet 300 Polisher/Grinder, the IsoMet High Speed precision saw, and the SimpliMet 4000 duplex mounting press. 

Also included are Buehler's industry-leading Wilson VH Series hardness testing instruments with automated DiaMet software. A multitude of consumables, from abrasive discs to epoxies to hardness blocks, will all be available at the ASM Training Center.   ASM will use the new instruments in advanced metallography training courses designed to teach participants about high-precision manufacturing and materials testing techniques.

Dedicated to informing, educating, and connecting the materials community to solve problems and stimulate innovation around the world, ASM International offers education courses providing hands-on training with state-of-the-art equipment from Buehler and other ASM partners. Advanced metallography and materials science courses are taught by industry veterans and academic leaders at the ASM Training Center and at customer sites, as well as through online courses and web content.

"This ongoing partnership will allow ASM to expand existing content and enhance the experience for both instructors and professionals within the industrial market space we all serve," says John Cerne, Senior Manager Education at ASM.

"I'm delighted that Buehler and ASM are continuing our longstanding partnership, providing first class services to the materials community," says Julien Noel, Buehler's Director of Marketing and Innovation. "Buehler's world-leading products complement perfectly the excellent training curriculum and facilities at the ASM Training Center. As manufacturing technologies continue to develop in complexity, Buehler and ASM will be leading the way in generating quality equipment, consumables, solutions, and training courses to ensure that manufacturers have all the tools needed to produce the highest quality products."


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Materials Testing and Evaluation | Failure Analysis

Materials Testing and Evaluation | Material Selection

Materials Testing and Evaluation | Materials Characterization

Materials Testing and Evaluation | Mechanical Testing

Materials Testing and Evaluation | Metallography and Microstructures

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