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Compact mass spectrometer designed for analysis of semiconductor process gases

June 19, 2017
Source: ASM International

JEOL USA, Peabody, Mass., introduces its new compact InfiTOF mass spectrometer, which is designed for real-time, direct gas introduction and analysis. This instrument is ideal for monitoring trace impurities in semiconductor process gases, evolved gases from catalytic reactions, vapor epitaxy, and more.  No larger than a desktop PC, the InfiTOF instantly separates isobaric gases such CO and N2, or N2O and CO2, for continuous monitoring without chromatography.

With its high mass resolving power, this system can be used to determine elemental compositions for ions within the range of m/z 1 - 1000. The hydrogen ion H+ can be detected with this multi-turn and multi-segment instrument that is designed to achieve high resolution with a small ion flight path. The InfiTOF is the latest addition to JEOL's time-of-flight mass spectrometer product line. 

Designed for real time monitoring of directly introduced gas, this high mass-resolution mass spectrometer features stability for real time gas monitoring and elemental composition determination through accurate mass measurement. 

On July 11-13, the InfiTOF will be on display at Semicon West in San Francisco. Applications to be highlighted include analysis of gases for semiconductor processing and vapor epitaxy; and real-time monitoring of gases relevant to catalytic processes, battery technology, and advanced materials.



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