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Brewer Science sells its semiconductor processing equipment business unit

June 19, 2017
Source: ASM International

Brewer Science, Rolla, Mo., announces that its Cee semiconductor processing equipment business unit has been sold to former Brewer Science employee Russ Pagel, who has formed a new company, Cost Effective Equipment LLC, to take over ownership and operate the business. The new company will remain located in Rolla.

The strategic decision to sell the equipment unit was made to allow Brewer Science to shift more focus to the development of materials and processes for the microelectronics and semiconductor industry. "Selling the equipment unit is part of the company's long-term plan to concentrate its expertise in materials science and advanced manufacturing technologies," says Kim Arnold, Executive Director, Advanced Packaging Business Unit. In addition to industry-enabling lithography products, protective coatings, and wafer-level packaging materials, Brewer Science is making revolutionary advancements in sensors and flexible hybrid manufacturing.

The Cee equipment product line was founded in 1987 when Dr. Terry Brewer recognized the need for high-performance laboratory-scale wafer processing tools. At the time, commercially available tools were inadequate to meet the needs of cutting-edge materials and process development.

Since then, the Cee product line has developed a distinguished reputation for high-quality, high-performance wafer-processing equipment. Thousands of Cee tools are used all over the world for research, testing, and small-volume manufacturing of semiconductor devices.

Mr. Pagel, a Brewer Science employee for 35 years, as well as a founding member and later director of the equipment business group, will bring the majority of Brewer Science's Cee business unit employees with him to the new company. These employees total over 140 years' experience in the Cee product group, with expertise in technology development, design, engineering, applications, sales, support, and operations. The new company will offer all the current Cee products, as well as the outstanding service and support that long-term equipment customers have come to expect over the past thirty years.

Cost Effective Equipment LLC will also continue to honor product warranties and provide ongoing support to past and current Brewer Science equipment customers. "Customers trust us for reliable products and reliable people, and the best way to protect that reputation is to demonstrate our commitment to them," says Mr. Pagel.



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