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Compact scanning TEM microscope offers fast changes between imaging and analysis

August 09, 2017
Source: ASM International

Thermo Scientific, Hillsboro, Ore., introduces the Talos F200i compact scanning transmission electron microscope (S/TEM), which can be customized to meet specific imaging and analytical requirements. Easy mode switching and constant power lenses increase productivity by permitting fast changes among imaging and analytical modes, without waiting for the system to equilibrate.

The instrument retains the user-friendly interface and sophisticated automation of the Talos platform, allowing users to focus on science and results rather than on the operation of the microscope. Extensive automation is designed to ensure high productivity and fast, easy switching among users.

 Automated daily tunings of operational parameters allow users to maintain optimum imaging conditions, improving the repeatability of measurements as well as their reproducibility among multiple users. In addition, the system's smaller footprint and more accessible enclosure are designed to facilitate service and reduce infrastructure and support requirements.

Talos F200i options include fast cameras, smart software, and TEM/STEM tomography. In situ sample holders are also available, designed to provide outstanding performance due to a wide gap X-Twin objective lens that enables three-dimensional imaging and in situ data acquisition with minimal compromise to resolution and analytical capabilities.

The image shows a CBED pattern on Silicon [011] showing Talos F200i flexibility and superior dynamic range of the Ceta 16M camera.



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