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Lindberg MPH stackable box furnaces heat treat maritime equipment

September 13, 2017
Source: ASM International

Lindberg MPH, Riverside, Mich., has shipped a Temperite box furnace and a Treet-All box furnace to a manufacturer of maritime equipment. The box furnaces are designed to be used in a stacked configuration or stand alone. They can also be used with a roller quench tank if needed. The box furnaces have work chamber dimensions of 12 x 30x12 inches. " H.

The Temperite and Treet-All are a modular, stackable, and space-saving line of box furnaces that meets and exceeds industry standards for heat-up rates and outer shell temperatures. The over/under box furnaces can be bench-mounted, stacked, or supplied with a furnace stand and quench thank. The optional split quench tank, mounted on wheels, is designed for use with water and oil. Removable work baskets are also included.

The Temperite Box Furnace has a high velocity forced convection heating system and three loading levels with two removable shelves. The work area temperature uniformity is ±1ten inches over the range of 600 to 1400°F. An empty furnace would take approximately 1.5 hours to heat up from ambient to maximum temperature.

The Treet All box furnace has a work area temperature uniformity of ±25°F over the range of 1400 to 2000°F. The furnace is equipped with nitrogen atmosphere capability with retort system.

"The stackable design minimizes floor space and allows for more efficient use of the customer's work space,"- says Kelley Shreve, Applications Engineer.


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