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Lindberg MPH ships tube heat-treating furnace for research and development

October 11, 2017
Source: ASM International

Lindberg MPH, Riverside, Mich., has shipped a 2190°F hinged three-zone furnace to an R&D lab for heat treating process tubes and retorts made of ceramic, quartz, or metal alloys. The furnace work chamber is 36 inches long by 7 inches in diameter, and was designed for horizontal operation with the customer's existing control system.

It has a maximum temperature rating of 2190°F, and has an insulating vestibule at each end. It is equipped with a full-length hinge and a positive latch for easy observation, fast cooling, convenient placement of the process tube, and overall ease of operation. It utilizes semi-cylindrical heating units located in each half to form a long, split-cylinder heated chamber. The heated chamber is divided into three independent zones, with independent thermocouples for control reference to allow adjustable profiling of end zones.

In operation, the end zone set points can be raised to compensate for heat losses and to increase the length of the uniform temperature zone in the center of the furnace. Long-life, fast-response thermocouples are attached to six feet of compensated lead wire with a polarized plug.

"This tube furnace allows for great temperature uniformity and process repeatability, which is key for R&D applications," says Kelley Shreve, Applications Engineer




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