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ECM’s ICBP Nano heat treating system minimizes footprint, simplifying product flow

December 05, 2017
Source: ASM International

ECM USA, Pleasant Prairie, Wis., introduces the ICBP Nano, the latest product in its range of low-pressure carburizing and carbonitriding furnace systems that consist of one module with three stacked heating cells and gas-quenching cells. The carburizing cells are stacked to reduce the footprint as much as possible.

Low-pressure carburizing is a thermal treatment based on alternate boosts of carburizing gas and neutral gases, without causing inter-granular oxidation. This process also provides uniform homogeneity of carburizing case depths, thanks to precise control during recipe development. The goal is to develop carburizing recipes at higher temperatures and with a higher enrichment capability without affecting material properties.

The system integrates directly into the production line, which allows a reduction in cycle time while simplifying product flow between the machining and heat treating operations.

Flexibility is achieved by adding three extra heating cells on an existing installation to increase the productive capacity. Performance is guaranteed, thanks to our test platform and integrated metallurgy laboratory. The equipment is completely assembled and tested before shipment, with the result that the time required for disassembly, reassembly, and startup is greatly shortened.

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