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New press brake and swing beam shear led to higher furnace sales for Lindberg MPH in 2017

January 04, 2018
Source: ASM International

Lindberg MPH, Riverside, Mich., reports that, in the beginning of 2017, the company purchased an Ermak press brake and hydraulic swing beam shear to maximize production capabilities. These investments were key resources as equipment sales considerably increased.

Throughout the year, Lindberg MPH shipped several integral quench furnace systems, box furnaces, pit furnaces (both nitriding and steam), along with several cyclone pit and cyclone box furnaces to a variety of industries such as automotive, foundry, marine, and mining.

2017 was a strong year, and the growth trend is expected to continue in 2018. Not only has the heat treat side of the business grown significantly, but also the nonferrous melting side of the business has seen impressive gains. Light Industrial and laboratory furnaces continue on the growth path in the R&D and education markets

"Lindberg MPH has shown strong increases over the past couple of years in both heat treat furnace sales and nonferrous melting equipment sales,” says Dave Strand, CEO. “Strategic planning for future growth has laid the groundwork for continuing this trend in the years to come."

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