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Despatch redesign cuts 20 inches from the width of its RAD2-19 cabinet ovens

January 04, 2018
Source: ASM International

Despatch, Minneapolis, Minn., has redesigned its RAD2-19 and RFD2-19 cabinet ovens to accommodate its customers’ need for a smaller footprint. Controls were on the side of the oven in the original design, but controls are on the bottom of the oven in the new design, which significantly reduces the amount of floor space required. In addition, width is 20 inches less than the previous model. 

“Having the controls up at eye level was a convenience in the old design, but customers assured us that saving space was more important to them,” says Jeff Bell, Director of Product Management. “We tilted the Protocol 3 controller up towards the operator for easier access. And for customers who have more frequent interaction with the controls, we offer software that allows the oven to be controlled from a laptop computer.”

Despatch RAD2-19 cabinet oven has a 19.5 cubic foot chamber and a maximum temperature of 650°F. It features horizontal recirculating airflow to ensure exceptional temperature uniformity throughout the oven. The result is proven reliability in demanding production and laboratory applications, such as curing, drying, stress relieving, aging, and other process-critical applications. The RFD2-19 is a Class A model designed to meet NFPA 86 requirements for applications that include flammable solvents or large amounts of moisture removal.  

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