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Global Foundries delivers 45nm RF SOI prototypes for advanced 5G applications

February 23, 2018
Source: ASM International

Global Foundries, Santa Clara, Calif., announces that its 45nm RF SOI (45RFSOI) technology platform has been qualified and is ready for volume production. Several customers are currently engaged for this advanced RF SOI process, which is targeted for 5G millimeter-wave (mmWave) front-end module (FEM) applications, including smartphones and next-generation mmWave beamforming systems in future base stations.

As next-generation systems move to frequencies above 24GHz, higher performance RF silicon solutions are required to exploit the large available bandwidth in the mmWave spectrum. GF’s 45RFSOI platform is optimized for beam forming FEMs, with features that improve RF performance through combining high-frequency transistors, high-resistivity silicon-on-insulator (SOI) substrates, and ultra-thick copper wiring.

Moreover, the SOI technology enables easy integration of power amplifiers, switches, LNAs, phase shifters, up/down converters, and VCO/PLLs. The result is lower cost, size, and power usage than competing technologies. The SOI technology targets tomorrow’s multi-gigabit-per-second communication systems, including internet broadband satellite, smartphones, and 5G infrastructure.

GF is said to have a successful track record in manufacturing RF SOI solutions at its 300mm production line in East Fishkill, N.Y. Customers can now start optimizing their chip designs to develop differentiated solutions for high performance in the RF front end for 5G and mmWave applications.

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