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Oerlikon Metco’s Surface One thermal spray coating machine wins international awards

October 07, 2018
Source: ASM International

Oerlikon Metco, Switzerland, announces that its Surface One flagship machine for thermal spray coatings is the winner of two renowned international design awards. Both the Red Dot Design Award and the International Design Excellence Awards recognize the Surface One design for its contribution to the quality, efficiency, usability and safety of the thermal spray process. 


“Breaking the mold in regard to design in order to enhance the effectiveness and user-friendliness of the technology — this has been superbly achieved by Surface One”, is the verdict of the Red Dot Design Award jury. A statement that perfectly reflects Oerlikon Metco’s aspirations for the next generation thermal spray coating machine. “Our customers expect productivity improvements, consistent quality and process safety; and they want their coating process to be ready for the factory of the future,” explains Dr. Martin Tempus, Oerlikon Metco’s Head of Equipment Business.


Surface One delivers on all these requirements:

─ Compact design that fits in a shipping container, occupies 20% less floor space and can readily be relocated elsewhere on the shop floor or to another facility.

─ Full modularity that simplifies system upgrades or reconfiguration

─ An intuitive, customizable user interface with integrated operator guidance that eliminates operating errors, increases operational efficiency, reduces training requirements and is ready for Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things.

─Safety and usability improvements that limit operator exposure to the thermal spray environment, make part lifting and handling a breeze, minimize maintenance downtime, and reduce system cleaning efforts.

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