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Abstract from MS&T 2018: High Performance Amorphous Thermal Sprayed Coatings for Molten Salt Environment

October 08, 2018
Source: ASM International

Chloride salts have been identified as one of the promising media for thermal energy storage for achieving higher operating temperatures. However, these molten salts introduce a set of challenges because of the severity of corrosive environment at high temperatures.


Liquid Metal Group Holdings (LMGH) has developed and applied proprietary innovative amorphous metallic alloy coatings that are able to withstand the severe corrosive environment of molten salt at high temperatures. Amorphous metals are a novel class of materials that have a disordered, glassy structure. Amorphous Metals are more corrosion resistant compared to conventional metals due to the lack of long-range periodicity, related grain boundaries and crystal defects such as dislocations.


This presentation will highlight amorphous thermal sprayed coatings on Haynes230 which have been tested at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and compared to non-coated Haynes230 in terms of corrosion resistance under molten chloride salt at 750┬░C for 300 hours.


This work is sponsored by DoE SBIR award DE-SC0017682.


Evelina Vogli1, Stephen Raiman2; Bruce Pint2; Ricardo Salas1; John Kang1; 1LM Group Holdings Inc; 2ORNL

Subject Classifications

Industries and Applications | Renewable Energy

Materials Processing and Treatment | Thermal Spray Technology

Materials Properties and Performance | Corrosion

Materials Properties and Performance | Thermal Properties

Metals and Alloys | Metallic Glasses

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