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Spray Tips: Thermal spray coating buildup

October 09, 2018
Source: ASM International


The diagram shows the typical coating microstructure, containing unmelted particles, oxides, porosity, and debris. (a) Unmelted particles. (b) Oxides. (c) Debris. (d) Fine particles. (e) Porosity.

As the spray stream is manipulated over the part, overlapping occurs. After several passes, a coating such as that shown in the diagram results. A typical coating may include some porosity, unmelted or resolidified particles, and oxides. Depending on hood and dust collector design, masking and tooling, and airflow around the part, fumes from vaporized feedstock may be trapped in the layers between passes.


Volume 5A, Thermal Spray Technology -> Thermal Spray Processes and Coatings -> Introduction to Coating Design and Processing -> Thermal Spray Processes and Coatings Processing Prior to Coating  -> Coating Deposition


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