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DOE awards $36 million to develop materials for high-temperature heat exchangers

March 24, 2019
Source: ASM International

The U.S. Department of Energy, Washington, announces $36 million in awards for 18 projects as part of the High Intensity Thermal Exchange through Materials and Manufacturing Processes (HITEMMP). These project teams seek to develop new approaches and technologies for the design and manufacture of high temperature, high pressure, and highly compact heat exchangers and components.


Durable and affordable higher-temperature heat exchangers could make energy conversion much more efficient, which in turn could reduce fuel consumption, system footprint, capital and operational cost, and emissions. HITEMMP projects will target heat exchangers capable of operating for tens of thousands of hours in temperatures and pressures exceeding 1470°F 800°C and 80 bar (1,160 psi) respectively.


Some examples:


General Electric Company, GE Global Research – Niskayuna, New York

Ultra Performance Heat Exchanger Enabled by Additive Technology (UPHEAT) – $2,500,000.

The GE team will develop a metallic-based, ultra-performance heat exchanger enabled by additive manufacturing technology and capable of operation at 900°C (1652°F) and 250 bar (3626 psi).


The Boeing Company – Huntington Beach, California

Highly Compact Metallic Heat Exchangers for Extreme Environments – $2,397,756.52.

Boeing will develop a compact, extreme environment heat exchanger (EEHX) for application in supercritical carbon dioxide power cycles for hypersonic aircraft and distributed power generation.


United Technologies Research Center (UTRC) – East Hartford, Connecticut

Additive, Topology-Optimized Ultra-Compact Heat Exchanger – $2,100,000

UTRC will develop an ultra-compact, topology-optimized 800°C (1472°F), 250 bar (3626 psi) heat exchanger substantially smaller and substantially more durable than current commercial cross-flow heat exchangers.


CompRex, LLC – De Pere, Wisconsin

Compact Heat Exchanger for High Temperature High Pressure Applications Using Advanced Cermet - – $1,455,000.00

CompRex, LLC aims to realize a transformational and disruptive advancement in heat exchange technology for high temperature (>800°C or 1472°F) and high pressure (80 bar or 1160 psi) applications through use of advanced metal and ceramic composite material, development of a new simplified manufacturing approach, and optimization of heat exchanger design.


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