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Nikon's XT H 450 CT inspection system includes micro-focus X-ray source for dense parts

March 24, 2019
Source: ASM International

Nikon Metrology, England, has developed X-ray/CT (computed tomography) systems that inspect the complex inner structures of products and detect any defects within them, all without disassembling the product. The XT H 450 system, developed with the world’s first 450kV microfocus X-ray source, can be utilized to ensure effective evaluation of small- to medium-size metal castings, such as turbine blades of aircraft and automotive engines. The instrument is equipped with an X-ray source that generates high-power X-rays.


One of the key features of the XT H 450 is that it acquires images that are detailed even when enlarged, because it employs a micro-focus X-ray source. Moreover, as the world's only system with a high-power, micro-focus 450 kV X-ray source, the XT H 450 is able to inspect high-density metals with high accuracy, and it can be used to analyze the internal structure of turbine blades. High voltage microfocus CT offers the same capabilities for measuring large parts and penetrating dense materials. It opens new CT applications for turbine blades, aluminum castings, and many other large parts.


Additionally, 3D printers have begun to be utilized in the manufacturing of metal parts for aircraft. X-ray/CT inspection systems are expected to be employed in such fields as well. Thanks to these unique benefits and the knowledge Nikon has accumulated through its work in the aerospace industry, its products are now used in a growing range of applications.

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