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One Minute Mentor: Subcritical anneal to convert pearlite to ferrite

March 25, 2019
Source: ASM International

When maximum ductility and good machinability are needed and high strength is not required, ductile iron castings generally are given a full ferritizing anneal.


Heat and hold at 705 to 720°C (1300 to 1330°F), one hour per inch of section. Furnace cool at 55°C/h (100°F/h) to 345°C (650°F). Air cool.

The graph shows the influence of subcritical annealing at 705°C (1300°F) for various periods of time on the hardness of four ductile irons. When alloys are present, controlled cooling times through the critical temperature range down to 400°C (750°F) must be reduced to below 55°C/h (100°F/h).

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