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Hitachi High-Technologies launches scanning electron microscopes for large specimens

May 20, 2019

Hitachi High-Technologies Corp., Tokyo, announces that it will commence sales of the SU3800 and the oversized SU3900 scanning electron microscopes, which feature the ability to accommodate large, heavy specimens, along with advanced functionalities for automated measurement and wide-angle camera navigation.


The oversized SU3900 features a class-leading specimen chamber/stage configuration with ability to accommodate a 300-mm sample diameter and loading capacity up to 5 kg. This allows for easy observation of very large samples without the need to cut or process prior to imaging.


The SU3800 can accommodate a specimen up to a 200-mm diameter with maximum height of 80 mm and weight of 2 kg. The SU3900 can accommodate a specimen up to a 300-mm diameter with maximum height of 130 mm and weight of 5 kg.


SEM MAP with camera navigation supports quick ROI targeting from wide-angle optical image.

Multi Zigzag function allows for multi-frame stitch acquisition at user-selectable regions of interest, even from SEM MAP optical image. Intelligent Filament Technology software automatically monitors and controls filament conditions as well as indicates the remaining filament life. This is advantageous for continuous observation over a long period of time or wide-area particle analysis.

Subject Classifications

Materials Testing and Evaluation | Failure Analysis

Materials Testing and Evaluation | Materials Characterization

Materials Testing and Evaluation | Metallography and Microstructures

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