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Selection of Polymeric Materials

Published: 2008

Selection of Polymeric Materials: How to Select Design Properties from Different Standards Author: E.A. Campo Publisher: William Andrew Inc., 2008 Format: Hardcover Main Features Today engineers, designers, buyers and all those who have to work with plastics face a dilemma. There has been a proliferation of test methods by which plastic properties are measured.

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Plastics Processing Technology

Authors: Edward A. Muccio

Price: $25.00 Member Price: $20.00

Written for "non-materials" engineers, managers, technicians, purchasing agents and students, this primer satisfies a need for those who must be able to communicate with materials specialists and plastics processors.

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High Performance Polymers

Published: 2008
Authors: J.K. Fink

Approaching the material from a chemistry and engineering perspective, High Performance Polymers presents the most reliable and current data available about state-of-the-art polymerization, fabrication, and application methods of high-performance industrial polymers.

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Handbook of Thermoplastic Elastomers

Published: 2007

Author: J.G. Drobny Publisher: William Andrew Inc., 2007 Format: Hardcover Main Features Thermoplastic elastomers are one of the most in-demand groups of materials today. Their most attractive feature is that they can be processed like plastics, yet they exhibit properties that are close to vulcanized rubber.

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Decoration and Assembly of Plastic Parts

Published: 1999

Written for those with little or no formal plastics education, this book highlights and documents the decoration and assembly processes in a clear and direct manner.

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Ceramic Joining

Published: 1990
Authors: Mel M. Schwartz

This book answers many practical questions that arise as engineers and technicians find more and more uses for ceramics, which have developed so fast that reliable information is often hard to find. Data from manufacturers' literature, reports of technical meetings, magazine articles, government reports, and private communications with experts, is gathered in this book to help answer questions that usually take hours to research.

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