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Handbook of Thermoplastic Elastomers

Hardcover   |   Product code: 05239G   |   ISBN: 978-0-81551-549-4

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Price: $99.00

Author: J.G. Drobny
Publisher: William Andrew Inc., 2007
Format: Hardcover

Main Features
Thermoplastic elastomers are one of the most in-demand groups of materials today. Their most attractive feature is that they can be processed like plastics, yet they exhibit properties that are close to vulcanized rubber. Consequently, they can be produced in a highly cost-effective way, using short production cycles, with a considerably reduced energy consumption, and minimum production scrap. Moreover, because they are thermoplastics, production scrap as well as post-consumer scrap can be easily recycled.
This unique practical reference work compiles in one place the current working knowledge of chemistry, processing, physical and mechanical properties, as well as applications of thermoplastic elastomers. Because of the great number of thermoplastic elastomers and the variety of chemistries involved, the work is divided into chapters describing individual commercial groups. A significant part of this book is dedicated to processing methods, applications, and material data sheets. Chapters on processing methods and applications are enhanced with ample illustrations. Each chapter includes a comprehensive list of references for a more in-depth study. Other features are a list of current suppliers, ISO nomenclature, an extensive bibliography, a list of recent patents and a glossary of terms. The work is concluded by a chapter on newest developments and trends.

The book is a versatile reference that serves the needs of engineers, scientists, designers, buyers, processors and all who have to work with thermoplastic elastomers, including students.

About the Author
Jiri George Drobny is a world renowned authority in the field of thermoplastic elastomers. His career spans over 40 years in the rubber and plastic processing industries in worldwide. He has been sought after for his multifaceted contributions to the field as an educator, lecturer, prolific author, and esteemed consultant.

  • Published: 2007
  • Pages: 736
  • ISBN: 978-0-81551-549-4