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Oxygen-Yttrium-Zirconium Ternary Alloy Phase Diagram (based on 1995 Suzuki Y.)

Author: Suzuki Y.   |   Document Download   |   Product code: ZAPD-O-Y-ZR-208293

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Diagram Type: ternary, vertical section

Concentration range: partial composition; O61.9Y28.6Zr9.5-ZrO2

Temperature: 0.0 - 1600.0 °C

Nature of investigation: experimental

Source: ASM Alloy Phase Diagrams Center, 2011; data from Suzuki Y., Phase transition temperature of fluorite-type ZrO2-Y2O3 solid solutions containing 8-44 mol% Y2O3, Solid State Ionics, Vol. 81, 1995, p 211-216

Reviewed under the auspices of the Alloy Phase Diagram International Commission.

Document includes crystal data for the Oxygen-Yttrium-Zirconium system, allotropic transformation data, and related references.