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Leica DM3 XL microscope features macro objective with 30% larger field, LED lighting

March 21, 2019
Source: ASM International

Leica Microsystems, Buffalo Grove, Ill., introduces the Leica DM3 XL microscope system that includes a macro objective enabling a 30% increase in field of view and a wide choice of different stage inserts: metal inserts, wafer holders, and mask holders. To easily locate the samples on the stage, the 150mm x 150mm stage offers the possibility for quick coarse or fine stage positioning.


The DM3 XL inspection system provides a unique objective to rapidly scan large components up to six inches long.. The macro overview objective with a magnification of 0.7x captures a field of view of 35.7 mm at once – 30% more than with available scanning objectives. Insufficient development at the edge or within the center of a wafer as well as uneven radial film thicknesses can be made visible and enhance the yield rate.


The DM3 XL uses LED illumination for all contrast methods: brightfield, darkfield, differential interference contrast (DIC), polarized light, and oblique illumination. LED illumination provides a constant color temperature and offers real-color imaging at all intensity levels. This allows you to always see the sample in the same color and get reproducible results. With a long lifetime of 35,000 hours and low power consumption, LEDs also offer an enormous cost savings potential and optimize the company’s carbon footprint.

Dedicated optical features include oblique illumination or in-depth darkfield contrast – at an affordable price. Smallest particles can be seen with in-depth darkfield objectives. The oblique illumination is ideally suited to examine sides, edges, or chippings. It allows you to illuminate your sample from different angles and is an easy and effective way to visualize topographies – even transparent topographies due to residual resist. In-depth darkfield contrast provides dramatically increased sensitivity – especially for the detection of micro-scratches or small particles in lower layers of your sample. Additionally, the large working distance of the darkfield objectives protects precious samples from inadvertent damage during inspection. Of course, the DM3 XL conforms to international specifications


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