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Aluminum Castings Engineering Guide

Author: Jagan Nath   |   Hardcover   |   Product code: 06841G   |   ISBN: 9781627082051

Classified as: Aluminum

Price: $220.00 Member Price: $165.00

This practical guide to product and process engineering of various aluminum castings emphasizes process and material characteristics; product-process-alloy integration; manufacturing aspects of aluminum casting; product design features; tooling design, feeding and gating design; product quality needs and specifications; product launches; and successful conversions of aluminum from steel and iron.

This book is intended to be a standard guide for practical foundry personnel in aluminum die casting, gravity permanent mold casting, and low pressure permanent mold casting. It is also a beneficial reference for casting buyers and students specializing in metal casting technology. It includes extensive examples, tables, and practical guidelines and links functionality and manufacturability, benefiting both product designers and casting process engineers.



"I find it (Aluminum Castings Engineering Guide) to be an excellent book on aluminum castings covering the entire gambit from casting design, application in various fields, engineering aspects, alloy selection, and the limitations and advantages of different casting processes. This book is strongly recommended as a standard guide for practical foundry personnel in the aluminum die casting field and also as a good reference book for university students pursuing foundry technology courses."

Dr. C.R.R. Char, Chairman, Varman Aviation Pvt. Ltd.

"Jagan is The Engineer of casting engineers. He brings new knowledge to castings engineering and the rationale of why and how by using his commanding skill at illustrating his ideas. That is the unique beauty of his book Aluminum Castings Engineering Guide."

The late Yeshwant P. Telang, Former Senior Vice President, Technology and Competitive Manufacturing, Amcast Industrial Corporation

  • Publisher: ASM International
  • Published: 2018
  • Pages: 301
  • ISBN: 9781627082051