Chapter Speaker Directory

Speaker Directory

If you have seen a great speaker and believe other Chapters/Members would benefit from seeing the speaker's presentation submit their name for inclusion in the directory.  ASM Chapter Councils thanks you for your submissions.
Mr. (Ted) Edmund George Baltuch
Air-Therm Inc.
5 Dimensional CFD simulation of process applications
Notes: Willing to travel anywhere except North Korea and Iran.  Travel assistance will be required.
Mr. John Laurence Busch
Independent Historian
Engineers Presentation: Building the First "Steamship" in History
Notes: Willing to travel to North America, Europe & Asia.  Travel assistance will be required
Mr. Jim Dykeman
Honda R&D Amercicas, Inc. 
Achieving Tailored Properties on Hot Stamp Components through In-Die Controlled Cooling
Mrs. Michelle Fitzgerald
Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies (SGT)
  • Maintenance Aboard the International Space Station


Dr. Francis (Sam) Froes
Titanium Powder Metallurgy
Notes: Travel assistance required
Dr. Randall Gauntt
Sandia National Laboratories 
Severe Accident Characterization of Fukushima Reactors and Experiences during Real-World Emergency Responses
Notes:  Travel assistance is required.
Mr. Rajendra Hirve
Intercon, Mumbai India 
Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgists
Notes:  Travel assistance is required.
Dr. Susan Kazanjian
Forensics of Materials Science
Notes: Travel assistance is required.
Dr. George Kim
Perpetual Technologies 
Thermal Sprayed Nanostructured Coatings
Notes:  Travel is limited
Mr. Gregory Lance
Hysitron Inc. 
Nanomechanical Testing of Materials
Notes: Midwest, Southeast or Northeast region of the US. 
Mr. Rob Mason
Concurrent Technologies Corporation 
Corrosion, Coatings (electroplating, thermal spray), Aerospace/Defense
Notes:  Ability to travel may vary.
Mr. Matt Nowell
Advances in Microstructural Characterization using Electron Backscatter Diffraction and Combined EBSD and EDS Analysis
Notes: Willing to travel throughout the US
Dr. Edward Rolinski
Advanced Heat Treat Corp.
Thermochemical Surface Engineering of Steels
Principles of Gas and Plasma Nitriding and Applications to Ferrous Alloys
Principles of Gas and Plasma Nitriding and Applications to Titanium Alloys
• Priniciples and Applications of Plasma Nitriding and Nitrocarburizing
• And more
Dr. Fred Schmidt
Failure Analysis
Sample Preservation
Dr. Richard Schwarz
RES Polyflow 
Polymer and Rubber Waste Recycling – Renewable Energy Solutions
Dr. Jacob Stiglich
Wear/Corrosion Resistant Coating Technologies
Light Weight Armor, History and Current Availability
Notes:  Travel assistance is necessary.
Mr. Aaron Tanzer
Lehigh Testing Laboratories, Inc. 
Failure Investigations for Engineers
Notes: Willing to travel within a 300 mile radius to New Castle, DE
Mr. Todd Wenzel
Throughput | Bluestreak 
Leveraging Mobile Technology to Run Your Manufacturing Service Business
Notes: Willing to travel to most locations in North America.