Chapter Council

Chapter Council

The ASM Chapter Council is responsible for Chapter policy and governance issues, reviewing the quality level of Chapters, acting as primary liaison between Chapters and Materials Park, and reviewing funding proposals.

The ASM Chapter Council is comprised of 16 members. Appointments are made for a term of not more than three years, except for the chair who is appointed for one year.

To provide a rotating membership, approximately one-third of the council's members are appointed each year. Reappointments may be made when desirable. The size of the Chapter Council is determined from time to time by the ASM Board of Trustees.

The Chapter Council meets at least once each year and as frequently as necessary. The Council may be assigned additional duties at the discretion of the ASM Board. The council issues minutes of each of its meetings and the chair is responsible for submitting an annual report and ensuring alignment with the ASM Strategic Plan.

As a key group of leaders within ASM, Chapter Council members are expected to:

  • Actively participate in all Council meetings

  • Serve as a liaison for their assigned Regional District

  • Provide input and participate in determining Chapter governance

  • Actively work to improve Council operation

  • Actively support the ASM Strategic Plan

  • Work to achieve annual Chapter Council objectives

  • Provide input and determine issues of Chapter dissolution and rejuvenation

  • Assist with annual Chapter Leadership Days program

  • Communicate Council activities to Chapters and their leadership

Chapter Council Representatives
The ASM Chapter Network is made up of 14 districts, with each district represented by a volunteer Chapter Council member. Questions, concerns, suggestions, and success stories should be directed to your Council Representative. Contact information for each member is listed below.


ASM Chapters
(Home Chapter of Council rep shown in bold)




Inland Empire, Oregon, Puget Sound

Lisa Hogan



EDFAS Golden Gate, Orange Coast, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Clara Valley, San Fernando Valley

Amirhossein Khalahedayati



Phoenix, Albuquerque, Los Alamos, Rocky Mountain, Utah

Prabir Chaudhury



North Texas, Alamo, Houston, EDFAS Lonestar

Diane Nielsen



Birmingham, Atlanta, Savannah River, Old South, Central Florida

Elizabeth Hoffman



Oak Ridge, Bluegrass, Central Virginia, Carolinas Central, Carolinas Southern Piedmont

Beth Snipes



Long Island, Metro New York-New Jersey, Lehigh Valley, Brandywine Valley, Washington DC, Eastern Virginia, Philadelphia, South Central PA

Tim Steber



Northern New England, Boston, Central Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Hartford, Southern Connecticut

Dan Denis



Eastern New York, Buffalo, Mohawk Valley, Twin Tier

Weimin Yin



Cleveland, Canton-Massillon, Wabash Valley, Northwestern Pennsylvania, Akron, Warren, Pittsburgh, SCTE Pittsburgh, Penn State

Dharma Maddala



Minnesota, Kansas City, Quad Cities, Peoria,

Patrick Mizik



West Michigan, Saginaw Valley, Detroit

Jatinder Singh



Chicago Regional, Notre Dame, Calumet, Fort Wayne, Muncie, Milwaukee, Indianapolis

Jason Sebastian



Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus

Rowdy Joseph



Calgary, Edmonton, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Ottawa Valley, Montreal, Quebec

Linruo Zhao



Bangalore, Chennai, Gujarat, India, Pune

Premkumar Aurora



Board Liaison

Premkumar Aurora & Raymond Fryan



Manager, Membership 

Nicole Hale


For more information, or if you need assistance, please contact Chapter Relations.