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Systematic Analysis of Gear Failures

Published: 1985
Authors: Lester E. Alban

Explores the detailed steps necessary to determine the causes of failure. First, the physical characteristics of a gear are studied: where the stress points are, from what directions the forces are applied, where the movement of material progresses, and where strain patterns exist. Second, all external conditions and forces are considered.

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Structural Life Assessment Methods

Published: 1998
Authors: Alan F. Liu

This unique, practical reference covers the full spectrum of fracture mechanics methodologies currently used in industry, with illustrations showing how to apply them.

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Microstructural Science Vol. 26: Analysis of In-Service Failures and Advances in Microstructural Characterization, 26th Edition

Published: 1999

This proceedings contains a written record of the technical papers presented at the 31st Annual International Metallographic Society (IMS) Convention, held 26-29 July 1998 in Ottawa, Canada. More than 250 delegates attended the 4-day convention with excellent international representation of 22 countries from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

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Microstructural Science Vol. 19: Property Relationships and Correlations with the Environmental Degradation of Engineering

Published: 1992

Technical Sessions: Characterization by Transmission Electron Microscopy, Fatigue Phenomena, Applied Metallography, Advanced Microscopy, Wear and Erosion, Archaeometallurgy, Environmentally Induced Cracking, Advanced Materials I, Coatings and Surface Modifications, High Temperature Corrosion, Advanced Materials II, Novel Metallographic Techniques.

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