The Coles

The Coles: The family of Materials Camp graduates

David Cole

• Materials Camp-Rolla, 2005
• University of Cincinnati, BS-Materials Engineering
• The Ohio State University, MS
• Engineer, Tennessee Eastman

Eric Cole

• Eisenman Materials Camp, 2007
• The Ohio State University
• Volunteer Mentor, Eisenman Materials Camp, 2011-2016
• Metallurgist, Carpenter Technology

Mary Cole

• Eisenman Materials Camp, 2009
• University of Akron, Corrosion Engineering
Corrosion Engineer, Phillips 66

In 2007, Eric went to summer camp. "I wasn't thrilled about going away for a week," he says, "but by the end of that week my life had changed." That was the week he attended the Eisenman Materials Camp. Four years later, he was back at camp as a mentor. Today, he's studying materials science and engineering. "Metallurgy is like cooking," he says. "The job of the metallurgist is to understand what each ingredient does and how process time and temperature will affect the final product." He enjoyed his internship in the melt shop at Steel Dynamics Structural and Rail Division, and has decided to work in industry, most likely in materials testing or metals manufacturing.

There is no way I would be where I am if it were not for other people who have taken the time to mentor me. I have met many of these people through ASM. They have given me their time and knowledge and opened many doors for me. It is only right that I give what I can to others. So far I have helped with five Materials Camps for teachers and two student camps, and I have no plans to stop. This year, my high school started a materials science class, and I am helping the teacher with content, and I used my contacts to get her supplies for demonstrations. In December, I met with one of my students from the Eisenman Camp to talk about colleges and helped him with applications. I am serving on a committee to better connect and engage Materials Camp students and volunteers following camp and am the administrator of the Foundation's Facebook page. None of these actions are very significant individually, but combined, they amount to something. If anyone asks, I will always try to lend them assistance, and if I cannot, I find them someone who can.

I am who I am because of the ASM Materials Education Foundation. It has given me many opportunities to receive and to give back. I cannot thank the Foundation enough for that.