Victoria Davenport - 2001

Victoria Davenport - 2001

In 2001:

"Sitting inside a Boeing 747 on the runway of Richmond International Airport, all I could think about was how I was about to travel all the way across the country to attend a materials engineering camp with no one I had even met before. Little did I know that before I came back home, I was actually going to have the chance to see a Boeing 747 being constructed in a Seattle manufacturing plant with newly acquired friends. Forgetting about my nervousness for a moment, I tried to think of all the things I already knew about materials science. After thinking a few minutes, I realized that I really didn't know very much. From that point on, I decided that I was going to open my mind up to learn all I could about the world of materials. I was in for a surprise; I never knew that everyday materials could be so interesting!

After spending a week with other students my age at the University of Washington, I felt I had learned as much as I would have as a semester in college. I learned so many new things about materials - their origins, their structures, their uses, and their failures. Ranging all the way from metallography to failure analysis scanning electron microscopes, I had been introduced to what materials engineering actually is from the most knowledgeable people not only in the United States, but in the world. I got the chance to listen to lectures, perform experiments, do failure analysis tests, and visit local companies.

From my Materials Camp experience, I realized that materials science intrigues me and that I want to pursue it in my future career. Because of my participation in Materials Camp 2001, I had the wonderful opportunity to be introduced to a new, exciting, and challenging field of science that I will be able to enjoy for the rest of my life…"

Tori was admitted to Texas A&M University College of Engineering.