About Us

About Us

Expanding the ASM Alamo Chapter Horizons for 2014 and 2015

The ASM Alamo Chapter has a rich heritage. Since 1962, and for nearly 50 years, the chapter historically was a place to connect with peers and discuss technical problems. Currently our membership total is 57. Throughout the years, our chapter has provided educational seminars, lectures and courses to educate students and professional people. In recent years, we have maintained a relationship with university of San Antonio (UTSA) and UT-PAN AM by offering scholarships, lecturing in classrooms, and conducting plant tours. We are developing a relationship with St Mary's, which hosted the 2013 ASM teachers' camp. Our chapter, like others, is facing the challenge to stay connected with members and have an impact in the community.

The ASM executive board, which continues to meet regularly, wants to expand our horizons by utilizing the Alamo chapter members to connect with the local student community. The ASM Alamo executive board is venturing out into the community more by touching more students. We want to create a hunger for science, engineering, experimentation and materials technologies. The vision for the executive board follows:
•    Every member to be contacted; and no member to be forgotten.
•    Provide opportunities for board members to lead and develop leadership skills
•    Add to our executive board, have a dedicated membership chairman
•    Consider how to raise more $$$ for scholarships.
•    Recruit emerging professionals

The next year we will continue to be innovative to transfer materials technologies by doing the following:
•    Support and participate in the ASM Teachers Materials camp at St. Mary's
•    Maintain relationship with UTSA students and Professor
•    Maintain relationship with UT Pan Am students and Professor
•    Conduct local seminars on materials technologies
•    Partner with other technical societies in the area. The societies of interest include: ASME, ASNT, NACE, AWS, SAMPE and other.
•    Look for other opportunities in the area and outside the area

We are an active and successful chapter. Come join us with us to make a difference in our community!
Daniel J. Benac
ASM Alamo Chapter Chairman