Chapter History

Chapter History

The Atlanta Chapter was chartered in 1943 by the American Society of Metals. The Chapter has had one Trustee appointed to the National Board. Dr Robert F Hochman FASM served our Society as Trustee in 1973 to 1976. Dr Hochman is retired from Georgia Tech and he continues to enjoy participating in many of our Chapter events.

In 1981, Chapter membership was 266. That number grew to 301 in 1984. And in 1993 membership peaked at 323. Current Atlanta membership, as of September 09, is 230. This figure is up slightly from last year. The Chapter currently has ATS and ESI as Sustaining Members.

With regard to Fellows of ASM International (FASM), the Chapter has a total of eleven gentlemen that have been recognized for their professional achievements. A complete listing of names and affiliations is included in this Yearbook. Members interested in sponsoring a candidate to be nominated as a Follow of ASM, should contact a member of the Executive Committee.

For the 1st time in the history of the Chapter, Atlanta was selected to receive a Chapter of Excellence Award in 2007. The Atlanta Chapter has now repeated this achievement in 2008. The Certificate that is included in the Yearbook cites that the Atlanta Chapter has met the needs of our members, advanced the mission of ASM International and served the local community in the Atlanta region. This Award also includes a handsome walnut plaque and a $1200 cash grant that will be added to the Chapters' general scholarship fund. In continuing recognition of our outstanding achievements and quality of work in implementing ASM programs, the Atlanta Chapter once again achieved the highest honor; a Five-Star Rating. Our Certificate for 2007-08 is included in this Yearbook along with the Chapter of Excellence Award Certificate.

In recent years, the Chapter has established a continuing education program in cooperation with ASM Internationals Materials Education Institute (MEI). In October 2004 "Metallurgy for the Non-Metallurgist" was presented to more than 25 students from industry. A two-day program featuring Corrosion of "Metals and Alloys" was given in December 2005. The Chapter is planning to establish a regular schedule, every two or three years, to offer a MEI course that will be topical and of interest to a broad segment of our Chapter members.

Since the inception of Materials Camps for High School students established by ASM International several years back, the Atlanta Chapter has sponsored local rising juniors to attend these week long programs. The response of these students to this learning experience has been excellent and many have subsequently gone on to University studies.

In 2007, we answered International's challenge to sponsor a Materials Camp for High School Science Teachers. The ASM Foundation provided part of the funding and the Chapter raised additional money including a grant from the State of Georgia and contributions from local industry and from individual Chapter members. More than $16,000 was raised to cover the costs of this activity. Over 20 teachers attended this five-day program held at Georgia Tech, during the week of 30 July, 2007. The laboratory and class rooms were made available to the Chapter by the Tech Chemistry Department. The sessions were taught by two Master Teachers, specially trained high school teachers. The rating for the overall program given by the participating local teachers was that the event was an "exceptional" experience. The information gained and laboratory experiments/demonstrations will be used in their own classes in future years. The Chapter has  sponsored a second very successful high school Teachers Camp July 7-11, 2008. Last camp was sponsored at July 2009.

It has recently been a continuing tradition of our Chapter to hold monthly business meetings, usually at a Georgia Tech facility. These dinner meetings feature a prominent technical speaker who addresses a topic of current interest in the materials field. In addition, a student speaker briefly describes work in progress at Georgia Tech. These dinner meetings are usually held on the third Tuesday of the month; September through May.