Student Outreach

Student Outreach

 We hope you will want to participate in providing a student tour of your facilities to a group of local students and teachers. These tours offer an opportunity for your organization to provide the community and students and teachers/professors specifically with appreciation of the value and contributions your organization brings to our area.


WHEN: High School tours typically are during the school day (typically 9am to noon), with transportation provided by the school, and travel supervision by teachers and aides. University student tour times are more flexible.

WELCOME: On arrival students are given a brief orientation to the history, scope and nature of the facility, and what to expect in the tour. Guidelines and constraints are defined. Guides are introduced.

TOUR: One or more tour guides take each group through a planned activity and area, explaining the aspects of what is being shown so students can appreciate the content that is intended to be conveyed.

GATHERING, CLOSURE: Groups return to starting location, where a brief summary with Q&A time is offered. Optionally light lunch (pizza, pop) is often provided. Many times companies hand out mementos that give students something to reflect on from the tour.

SCHEDULING, ANNOUNCEMENTS: Most tours are scheduled at least two months in advance of the tour date. Informational flyers are provided for advance distribution to students to confirm attendance.


If you are interested in providing a tour, or would like to have more information, please contact Dave Brown, Student Affairs Chair,

 We hope you will make this a strategic part of your organization’s community outreach for local students and teachers.