Sustaining Membership

Sustaining Membership (Apply today!)

Carpenter Technology Corporation Member since January 1, 1924
Element Cleveland(formerly Stork Herron Testing Labs.) Member since January 1, 1940
Preformed Line Products Co. Member since January 1, 1957
North American Manufacturing Company Member since January 1, 1973
Euclid Heat Treating Company Member since January 1, 1978
Materion Brush Inc. Member since July 24, 1978
Ajax Tocco Magnethermic Member since January 1, 1979
Tensile Testing Member since January 1, 1982
Ferrous Metal Processing Company Member since January 1, 1984
Cleveland Electric Laboratories Member since January 1, 1985
Component Repair Technologies Member since November 23, 1988
Induction Tooling Incorporated Member since April 23, 1990
Universal Metal Products Inc Member since May 2, 1990
The BF Goodrich Company Member since March 21, 1995
JFP Tech Services Member since April 5, 1995
First Energy Beta Laboratory Member since May 13, 1996
Buehler Limited Member since July 23, 1996
Kowalski Heat Treating Company Member since January 1, 1997
Deformation Control Technologies Member since January 1, 2002
David L. Ellis Member since April 20, 2004
NSL Analytical Services Incorporated Member since August 31, 2005
Ohio Metallurgical Service Member since October 27, 2005
Babcock & Wilcox, NOG-Euclid Member since March 26, 2008
Sifco Industries Member since April 14, 2008
Rolled Alloys Member since July 17, 2008
Swagelok Company Member since October 22, 2008
Thermo Fisher Scientific Member since December 18, 2008
Orbital Research, Inc. Member since March, 2009
Professional Placement Services Member since October 13, 2009
Ensuring Certainty Member since September 20, 2010
Allied High Tech Products Member since July, 2013
Inductoheat Member since March, 2017
Arconic Member since 2014


Our Cleveland Chapter Sustaining Members are a valued part of the ASM community. In addition to providing a higher level of financial support, these companies or individuals are valued as staunch partners with the Cleveland Chapter. The Sustaining Member affiliations result in a stronger and more active Chapter.

Sustaining Member Companies enjoy the exclusive benefits listed below.

  1. One individual membership for your company's "Sustaining Representative" of choice. This includes full ASMI member privileges such as discounts for books and training from ASMI, monthly publications, and online resources.
  2. Company name listing on all Chapter letterhead.
  3. Company name listing on our Sustaining Membership Web Page linked to the Sustaining Member's web site.  This list is readily accessible to all Cleveland Chapter website visitors.
  4. Recognition at our annual Sustaining Members Night meeting.
  5. Invitations to participate in special events such as the Cleveland Chapter Company Expo.

To become a Sustaining Member, fill out a ASMI membership application through one of the links available on Cleveland Chapter Home page. The cost of Sustaining Membership in the Cleveland Chapter is $150 and may be tax deductible since both ASMI and the Cleveland Chapter are 501(c)3 corporations.

Sustaining members can also take advantage of other advertising opportunities with the Cleveland Chapter by sponsoring a variety of events. Hospitality sponsors provide beverages and are acknowledged at monthly technical meetings. Golf hole sponsors have company signs displayed at the annual Chapter golf outing attend by over 100 materials professionals. Sponsors of Chapter student outreach activities such as Young Members Night will receive recognition on the Web site and at the event.

Learn More about sponsorship, advertising and volunteering within the ASM Cleveland Chapter.