Materials Data Management Support Services

Materials Data Management
Support Services

The CMD Network provides discipline-based services that help populate the materials digital data network with new research data. By providing projects with the tailored advice and resources needed, the CMD Network enables materials researchers to most effectively meet federally mandated data management plan requirements.

Examples of specific services that the CMD Network provides include:

Hosting and Accessibility

  • Hosting of data in the Materials Data Laboratoryâ„¢, an open access data repository

  • Accessibility of data to the community through the Materials Data Laboratoryâ„¢ portal

  • Project-specific portal and access control as needed

Data Management

  • Set-up support services

  • Ongoing data management support services

  • Data structuring to provide enhanced discoverability and usability

Dissemination and Outreach

  • Project-specific awareness of data through ASM and CMD Network channels

  • Data-specific project workshop hosting