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(T) Effect of Laser Ablation Coating Removal (LACR) on the Fatigue Behavior of a Steel Substrate (Technical Presentation*)

  • November 02, 2017
  • Kelly's Tavern
  • 1010 Loftis Boulevard , Newport News , Virginia , USA


A Joint Event with the Central Virginia Section of ASME

Kelly's Tavern
1010 Loftis Boulevard
Newport News, VA 23606

6:00 - 6:30 PM Social
6:30 - 7:00 PM Dinner
7:00 - 8:00 PM Presentation

Cost: There is no cost for attending this event.  Dinner is the responsibility of the individual.

Reservations: Please notify Dave Conley at by 5:00 PM on Tuesday, October 31st on your planned attendance. Everyone is welcome.

*1 PDH credit will be awarded for each technical presentation attended.

Chairman's Message:

We had a great turnout at our September event for the tour of Tredegar Iron Works and the presentation by author and historian Nathan V. Madison.  Thanks to the American Civil War Museum for hosting the tour, and to VCU who hosted our dinner and presentation.  The impressive turnout (~45 individuals) shows the interest we can generate when we combine fascinating history with the draw of practical material science.  The local ASME chapter was also a co-sponsor of this event which contributed to the large turnout.  Also, many thanks to Kurt Thompson who was the driving force in setting up this event.  Kurt has challenged the RJEC community organizations to organize similar events next year, so we may have more similar events in our future.  

 We have another technical talk coming up on November 2nd in Newport News and hope you will can join us.  Details on this event are found elsewhere in this newsletter, and we remind you that guests are welcome.  Feel free to pass this newsletter and meeting information to anyone who may be interested in the subject or in the professional development hour that we are offering.

Also, our last event of this calendar year will be another wonderful presentation by Dr. Pond at the St. Gertrudes High School in Richmond on December 1st.  This is a great opportunity to expose high school age students to the fascinating world of materials.  More details to come on this event in our next newsletter.

About the Presentation:

Coating removal during shipbuilding and ship repair is laborious and often dangerous endeavor.  In areas where abrasive blasting cannot be used, common tools to remove paint are needle guns or handheld rotary grinders.  These tools are slow and result in possible eye inclusions and repetitive motion injuries.  In recent years, lasers have been used to remove paint in a non-contact fashion, resulting in no metal debris or jarring motions to a workers hands and arms.  However, laser energy has an unknown effect on the underlying metal substrates encountered in Navy shipbuilding and ship repair.  This project assessed the material property effects on a high strength steel from a 1 kW laser system removing a common epoxy paint from that steel.

About the Speakers:

James Brooks is a Chemical Engineer in the Research and Development (R&D) Department at Newport News Shipbuilding.  He is responsible for surface preparation and coating R&D at Newport News Shipbuilding.  James earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Virginia, and has 16 years of experience in coatings and non-metallic material engineering.  James has authored or co-authored numerous reports/articles in the area of laser coating removal.

Todd Dinkel is a Material and Process Engineer in the Laboratory Services Department of Newport News Shipbuilding.  He performs failure analysis examinations and serves as a metallurgy resource within the Shipyard’s laboratory.  Todd has a Bachelor of Science degree in Metallurgy from Penn State University.  He has been employed in the Foundry (ferrous and non-ferrous) and Forging industries for 38 years including eight years with the shipyard.


See the full newsletter for more information.

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