Chapter History

Chapter History

The Golden Gate Chapter of EDFAS provides a technical forum for education and sharing of knowledge for electronics industry professionals who concentrate on electron devices, material science and the associated analysis arts.

Our Chapter serves California and hosts numerous meetings during the year in the San Francisco / Silicon Valley / Bay Area of California.  EDFAS members from as far away as Nevada and Southern California have come to listen to presentations offered at monthly meetings.  Guests are always welcome to our meetings. Contact to be added to the email list.

Most Recently…

October, 2011 "Backside  Deprocessing of Integrated Circuits 40nm and Below"  Yuanjing Li, NVIDIA Corporation

September, 2011"Quantitative Compositional Mapping at the Nanometer Scale with EELS" Dr. Mike Kundmann

August, 2011 "Reliability & Failure Analysis for Copper Wire Bonded Discrete Power MOSFET's" Drs. Arthur Chiang & Huixian Wu, Vishay Siliconix

July, 2011 "Electrical Overstress, the Next ‘Nuisance Project' "Dr. Leo G. Henry

June, 2011 "Introduction to NanoProbing" Peter Harris, General Manager Multi-Probe

May, 2011 "A New Scan Based Defect Isolation Technique for the Failure Analysis Tool Box" Ralph Sanchez, Teseda Corporation

April, 2011 "The Triple Challenges for FIXXTEM in the Era of sub 50nm Feature Sizes" Bryan Tracy, Materials Characterization Lab, Spansion

March, 2011 "Site-Specific Analysis of Advanced Packaging Enabled by Focused Ion Beams" Richard Young, FEI Company

February, 2011 "A Microcalorimeter Energy Dispersive Spectrometer for High-Resolution X-ray Nano and Micro Analysis" Robin Cantor, STAR Cryoelectronics