EDFAS membership changes

On November 4, 2017, the EDFAS Board voted to align EDFAS membership with all other ASM affiliate societies, so that affiliate society members first join ASM, and then add on the desired affiliation. Over two-thirds of EDFAS members had already exercised this option. The EDFAS Board believes the switch to a single membership model provides all members with maximum benefits and bridges a chronic communication gap caused by the complexity of the previous two membership types.


How does this affect you?

As of January 1, 2018, all EDFAS-only members have been awarded an ASM membership for the remainder of their EDFAS-only membership term at no additional cost. This has unlocked access to additional ASM member benefits.


 Benefits Include:

1. AM&P Magazine–online and print (eight times a year)

2. AM&P eNews–biweekly

3. Free access to ASM Desk Edition Online

4. Free access to reference materials including phase diagrams

5. Free online access to 10 Journals

6. Discounts on ASM reference publications, courses, and conferences

7. Opportunity for personal and professional recognition via awards

8.  Additional networking opportunities, and more