EDFAS committees channel member involvement into tangible programs, products and services. These committees stay on top of technical advances and other areas of member interest. By doing so, they bring new information to the members through products and services including:

  • Conference and exposition programming

  • Course development

  • Reference and periodical publications

  • Research and development planning and implementation

If you enjoy working with other top professionals, we invite you to get involved on a committee. Through the products they develop and refine, these volunteers provide information and expertise that make a direct contribution to the field of failure analysis.

EDFA Editorial Board

The Editorial Board of Electronic Device Failure Analysis magazine aids the EDFA editor in manuscript acquisition in order to present timely and significant information to the members of EDFAS. The Board helps the EDFA editor to identify suitable article topics and authors, invites those approved by the Board, and provides technical review of submitted manuscripts.

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Education Subcommittee

The EDFAS Education Subcommittee shall develop and offer educational programs in the area of electronic device failure analysis to serve the needs of EDFAS members and the world community of electronic device failure analysis.

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Membership Subcommittee

The EDFAS Membership Subcommittee contributes to the success of ASM International and EDFAS through its ongoing membership program initiatives including: actively enhancing and owning the member value proposition (new products, services and value); growing and retaining membership by demonstrating and reinforcing the value proposition; supporting and guiding chapters and affiliate society membership programs and volunteers; improving membership communications throughout the organization and implementing the initiatives of the strategic plan.

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The Electronic Device Failure Analysis Society fosters education and communication in the failure analysis community. The Society serves as a resource for all failure analysis professionals from beginners to experts by gathering together and sharing the collective knowledge and experience of its members.

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