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Failure Analysis of Passive Components

Author: Stan Silvus, Southwest Research Institute   |   Document Download   |   Product code: ZMEFA2011P111

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Failure analysis of passive components is a very broad topic because of the numerous device types and constructions that exist. Articles in previous editions of the Microelectronics Failure Analysis Desk Reference (References 1 and 2) have presented the fundamentals of many types of passive components along with appropriate analysis techniques and procedures. Rather than repeat the previously presented material, the present article will supplement these earlier treatises by providing detailed information on selected passive-component types. Accordingly, this article includes typical construction features and failure mechanisms of the selected component types, as well as some case histories that illustrate common failure mechanisms of these and other component types.
  • From: Microelectronics Failure Analysis, Desk Reference Sixth Edition
  • Published: October 01, 2011
  • Pages: 10
  • Review Type: Peer reviewed