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Optotherm thermal imaging microscope designed for semiconductor failure analysis

May 13, 2019
Source: ASM International

Optotherm, Sewickley, Pa., offers the Sentris thermal imaging microscope, which pinpoints the low-level infrared thermal emissions by IC faults such as short circuits and leakage current. Due to the continued decrease in integrated circuit feature size and supply voltages, detecting and locating the miniscule amount of heat generated by failure sites has become increasingly difficult.


Using a non-destructive testing process called lock-in thermography, failures can be isolated on both bare (front or backside) and packaged devices, and no surface coating is required. Sentris can also locate low-power fail sites on SMD components, such as capacitor leakage. The x, y position of defect sites can be located, as well as defect depth. Depth analysis can be very helpful when isolating faults in stacked die packages.


In addition to fault isolation, Sentris also includes thermal analysis tools for true temperature mapping, junction temperature measurement, die attach evaluation, and thermal resistance evaluation.


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