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Rigaku Smart Sample Loading System enables vacuum chuck to load 50-gram specimens

May 20, 2019
Source: ASM International

Rigaku, Japan, introduces its new Smart Sample Loading System (SSLS), in which a vacuum chuck can be used to load samples into pre-loaded sample holders, saving time and increasing the number of samples that can be held on the sample deck


The SSLS adds a new dimension of flexibility to the ZSX Primus WDXRF spectrometer. The system can handle samples up to 50 grams in weight, and the modular sample deck racks have been designed for different sample diameters. Samples with a diameter of 35 mm can be stored 32 samples to a rack, with three such racks sitting on the deck. Samples with a diameter of 40 mm can be stored 24 samples to a rack, with a possibility of three of these racks on the deck. In addition, the racks can be mixed so that different sample sizes are easily accommodated on the deck at the same time. Sample types that are amenable to this type of loading procedure include fused glass beads and pressed powders.


A precision vacuum chuck is used to safely and reproducibly pick up the samples and place them in the measurement sample holder. Each sample type has a specific sizing ring positioned in the measurement sample holders to assure that the sample is properly positioned for measurement, and the analytical reading surface is never compromised.


Keeping track of samples has never been easier. A two-dimensional barcode can be attached to the non-analysis surface of each sample. Before the sample is lowered into the pre-evacuation chamber through the input port, the barcode is scanned and the sample information is loaded into the control software.


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