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Metallographic Techniques, November 11-14, 2019

November 11, 2019 - November 14, 2019
Venue: ASM World Headquarters - Materials Park | Location: Novelty, OH, 44073-0002
Instructor: Mr. Natalio T. (Nat) Saenz, FASM | Classroom | Product code: I-00017284

Price: $3000.00 Member Price: $2800.00
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Please contact or by calling 440.338.5151

During this course, participants receive intensive instruction and assistance in learning the principles of metallography. Manual preparation, automatic preparation, and hands-on activities, such as preparing a variety of hard, soft, ferrous, and non-ferrous alloys, are used to demonstrate many metallographic techniques.

Students will also perform sample preparation using semi-automatic preparation on state-of-the-art equipment. After a lecture on the best use of the metallograph, the structures of the materials are documented and entered in a laboratory notebook. This notebook is then graded and returned to students to use as future reference.


  • Technicians
  • Metallographers
  • Managers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Engineers and QA personnel interested in hands on sample preparation
  • Anyone new to metallography


Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Select proper consumables and techniques for sectioning, mounting, grinding, polishing
  • Choose the correct etchant to reveal the structure and features for the alloy at hand
  • Document structures using optical microscopes equipped with image capture cameras and software
  • Distinguish artifacts from real structures
  • Apply quantitative metallographic techniques


Some knowledge of metallography is encouraged.

Continuing Education Units: 3.0

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