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Advanced thermal barrier coatings including bondcoat by cold spray and topcoat by liquid based plasma spray.

  • November 14, 2017
  • Track 139 Restaurant
  • Windsor , CT , United States


November 14, 2017 Technical Meeting
Topic - Advanced thermal barrier coatings including bondcoat by cold spray and topcoat by liquid based plasma spray.

Location - Track 139 Restaurant ( 139 Broad St, Windsor, CT 06095

Please RSVP to Dan Denis ( by Thursday November 9, 2017

Dr. Chin Ma received his Ph.D degree in Material Science and Engineering, with specialty in high temperature alloys and protection methods. He is the members of ASM/TSS and AWS/ITSA, Curtiss-Wright Corporate Technical Fellow. Dr. Ma has authored more than 120 technical papers and more than 15 patents to his name. Currently he is a development engineering manager with Surface Technologies Division of Curtiss-Wright Corporation. He is in charge of the development of new materials, processes and qualifications for major turbine engine OEMs within CWST division. His former employment includes Vice-president of research and development at USNano Group, engineering at turbine division, Goodrich Corporation and senior engineer at BASF corporation, with over 25 years of working experience in the fields of energy, aerospace and IGT applications mostly using thermal spray technologies. He was the principle investigator of multiple DoE and DoD Phase-I and II projects, and his research fields involved with proton member techniques for gas purification and separation, novel TBC systems, solid oxide fuel cell manufacture, high performance magnetic materials and automobile catalytic coatings. Recently he is active in developing new coating techniques for thermal barrier coatings, with the focus on cold sprayed bondcoat and high entropy alloy (HEA) coating for high temperature oxidation resistance, liquid-based plasma spray process, CMAS-resistant TBC, low-conductivity TBC, and advanced abradable materials and coatings.

Thermal barrier coating is a critical technology used in a wide variety of aero and industrial gas turbine industries. Thermal barrier coatings (TBC) typically consist of a MCrAlY metallic bond coat and a zirconia-based ceramic topcoat, and the primary function of TBC is to provide improved oxidation resistance and reduced thermal conductivity at elevated temperature environment. As an emerging technique, cold gas dynamic spray utilizes high velocity rather than high temperature to produce an alloy coating without melting feedstock, and thereby achieve a free-oxide and high-density metallic coating, theoretically, which will be beneficial for reserving oxidation protective elements such as Al and Cr in the MCrAlY bondcoat. Another important advancement in TBC techniques is to produce strain-tolerant ceramic topcoat directly from plasma spray of liquid-based feedstock, instead of traditional solid-state feedstock. Either solution precursor plasma spray (SPPS) or suspension plasma spray (SPS) has been developed to produce nano-structured and vertically cracked TBC or submicron-sized and columnar structured TBC. The spray trials and coating test results had demonstrated that the innovative coating techniques are very promising for advanced TBCs, which can offer the low growth rate of thermally grown oxide (TGO) layer, as well as improved strain tolerance and coating lifetime under long-term thermal exposure and thermal shock conditions. The presentation will give detailed review on the latest development activities of cold spray and SPPS/SPS techniques for advanced TBC systems.

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