Heat Treater's Guide

Heat Treater's Guide

Heat Treater's Guide Companion

Ready reference data on more than 430 steel, aluminum, and magnesium alloys. Content includes chemical composition, similar U.S. and foreign alloys, characteristics, and recommended heat treating procedures. The app can be used by itself or as a companion to the ASM Heat Treater's Guide print and online database products, which provide additional heat treating data such as representative micrographs, isothermal transformation diagrams, cooling transformation diagrams, tempering curves and data on dimensional change.

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Heat Treater's Guide: Practices and Procedures for Nonferrous Alloys

Published: 1996

Quick access to recommended heat treating information for hundreds of nonferrous alloys, plus composition, trade names, common names, specifications (both U.S. and foreign), available product forms, and typical applications. Information is presented by alloy group in the datasheet format established in the companion edition on irons and steels.

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Heat Treater's Guide: Practices and Procedures for Irons and Steels, 2nd Edition

Published: 1995

The most trusted source for guidance on heat treating of irons and steels. Provides hundreds of data sheets for heat treating of carbon and alloy steels, tool steels, stainless steels, and cast irons.

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