HTS Committees

Get Involved with HTS Committees

HTS committees channel member involvement into tangible programs, products and services. These committee stay on top of technical advances and other areas of member interest. By doing so, they bring new information to the members of HTS through products and services including:

  • Conference and exposition programming

  • Course development

  • Reference and periodical publications

  • Research and development planning and implementation

If you enjoy working with other top professionals in the heat treating community, we invite you to get involved on a committee. Through the products they develop and refine, these volunteers provide information and expertise that make a direct contribution to the field of heat treating.

A few of the benefits of volunteering include:

  • Meet peers in your hometown, nationwide, and across the globe

  • Build your own leadership and team-building skills

  • Share your industry's problems and solutions with material science professionals

  • Gain knowledge and stay current on materials advancements and trends

  • Find great friends as you work together to advance your industry

Awards & Nominating Committee

To nominate candidates that are representative of commercial and captive heat treaters; users of heat treating; suppliers of materials supplies and equipment; researchers, educators and government agencies involved in heat treating for the positions of president, vice president, and members of the Heat Treating Society Board as well as the development and recommendation of awards to be given by the Heat Treating Society.

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Education Committee

The purpose of the Heat Treating Society Education Committee, in conjunction with the ASM Education Committee, is to research, develop, and support education programs that best respond to the needs of the heat treating industry.

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Exposition Committee

The HTS Exposition Committee serves as a key interface between the exhibitor community, organizing committee and the ASM-HTS staff.  The committee advises staff of ways to keep the trade show vibrant, active and beneficial to HTS and its members.  Members of the Commmittee serve as ambassadors to the exhibitor community and work with staff to ensure exhibitor satisfaction.

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Finance Committee

The HTS Finance Committee is to supervise the financial affairs of the Society under the direction and with the approval of the HTS Board. It reviews the financial plan of the Society and recommends it to the Board for action.

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HTS Board

The mission of the ASM Heat Treating Society is to serve the needs of its members through the advancement of knowledge and networking.

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Membership Committee

The mission of the ASM Heat Treating Society Membership Subcommittee is to understand the current, past and potential HTS member needs in order to refocus efforts to provide improved member value.

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Research & Development Committee

The Heat Treating Society Research & Development Committee, working with the heat treating community, the Center for Heat Treating Excellence, and other research institutions, will identify technical needs of the Heat Treating industry and assist the planning and implementation of R&D programs to meet these needs.

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Technology & Programming Committee

To develop programming and technical information to expose the Society's membership to practical and leading-edge global technology. To foster the exchange, education, understanding and exposure of technology within the heat treating industry.

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