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Lindberg’s Treet-All box furnace is modular, stackable, with 2050°F maximum temperature

February 05, 2019
Source: ASM International


Lindberg MPH, Riverside, Mich., reports that its Treet-All light industrial box furnace is suited for multiple applications, including annealing, ashing, austempering, brazing, preheating, and solution treating. The company recently shipped a Treet All to a customer in the technology industry.


The maximum temperature rating is 2050°F, with work chamber dimensions of 12x24x12 inches. This furnace is part of Lindberg’s modular, stackable, and space-saving line of box furnaces, and it meets and exceeds industry standards for heat-up rates and outer-shell temperatures. It is ideal for tool rooms, plant maintenance, and production applications that require maximum heat-treating, hardening, and tempering capabilities in a minimum amount of space.


The Treet-All furnaces are designed to minimize heat loss and save space. They also offer quick, consistent heat up rates, full access to the work chamber, minimum heating of the outer skin, product load protection, and precise control with long life and reliability.




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