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Xerox acquires Vader Systems for its liquid-metal additive manufacturing technology

February 14, 2019
Source: ASM International

Xerox, Norwalk, Conn., announces that it has acquired metal additive manufacturing company Vader Systems, which will enable it to offer its customers access to low-cost metal additive manufacturing with a greater variety of metals.

“Manufacturing customers want to use 3D printing, but the current offerings only serve the prototyping market well, not broad manufacturing,” the company stated. “Xerox-developed, acquired and partnered printing, software and material technologies are expected to deliver the productivity, materials range and cost and design tools to enable part manufacturing.”

Based in Buffalo, New York, Vader Systems is a developer of liquid metal additive manufacturing technology which primarily uses affordable metal wire feedstock. Its offerings include the Vader Polaris liquid metal AM system, the Magnet-o-Jet subsystem for hybrid manufacturing equipment integration, and the Ares microsphere production system for the production of spherical metal powders.

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