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ITSC 2019 presentation: Solid-State Additive Manufacturing

June 11, 2019
Source: ASM International

Inovati, Santa Barbara, Calif., presented a discussion about the application of its impact consolidation Kinetic Metallization (KM) process to an advanced and superior 3D manufacturing technology.

When integrated with CAD/CAM, Inovati characterizes this new technology as Solid-State Additive Manufacturing (SSAM). This innovative spray deposition process provides unique opportunities for development of a 3D fabrication technique with material properties not currently feasible with conventional fusion-based AM processes.

 In particular, the low temperature attribute of the process enables fabrication of metallic and composite parts with metallurgically uniform properties, while fusion-based processes tend to be unstable or degrade at high melting temperatures. The SSAM deposition rates associated with Kinetic Metallization permit an order of magnitude faster fabrication rate of parts when compared to many conventional AM methods. The paper presented the developments of the technology to date and the potential applications.

Dr. Ralph Tapphorn , Mr. Howard Gabel , Mr. Travis Crowe , Inovati, Santa Barbara, California

Subject Classifications

Industries and Applications | Aerospace and Defense

Materials Processing and Treatment | Additive Manufacturing

Materials Processing and Treatment | Powder Metallurgy

Materials Processing and Treatment | Thermal Spray Technology

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