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ASM Handbook Volume 4E: Heat Treating of Nonferrous Alloys

Editor: George E. Totten   |   Hardcover   |   Product code: 05444G   |   ISBN: 978-1-62708-112-2

Classified as: Heat Treating

Price: $345.00 Member Price: $259.00

This new ASM Handbook volume completes the series of volumes on the major technological subject of heat treating. This singular work gives engineers, analysts, and technicians a one-stop source on the wide variety of nonferrous alloys and provides more practical information to guide processing requirements and the necessary background information for those without extensive prior knowledge.

Get the basics on heat treating with significantly expanded coverage on nonferrous alloys. In-depth articles provide details on the heat treating principles and practices of aluminum, copper, nickel, and titanium alloys. Quenching, distortion, residual stresses, and alloying effects are given special focus, and attention is given to the complexities of aging practices and microstructural development for the major and less common types of nonferrous alloys.

Contents Summary
Principles of Nonferrous Heat Treating
Heat-Treatable Nonferrous Alloys
Homogenization of Metal Alloys
Annealing and Recrystallization

Metallurgy of Heat Treatable Aluminum Alloys
Annealing of Aluminum and its Alloys
Quenching of Aluminum Alloys
Quench Sensitivity of Aluminum Alloys
Residual stress in aluminum alloys
Age Hardening of Aluminum Alloys
Retrogression and Re-Aging
Heat Treatment Practices
Heat Treatment of Aluminum Alloy Castings
Hardness and electrical conductivity testing
Modeling and Simulation
Nitriding of Aluminum and Its Alloys

Heat Treating of Copper and Copper Alloys
Annealing and Recrystallization of Coppers
Heat Treating of Brasses and Bronzes

Metallurgy of Nickel-Base Alloys
Heat Treatment of Wrought Nickel Alloys
Heat Treatment of Cast Nickel-Base Alloys

Metallurgy of Titanium Alloy Heat Treatment
Heat Treating of Titanium and Titanium Alloys
Deformation and Recrystallization
Quenching of Titanium and Residual Stresses
Nitriding of Titanium Alloys

Cobalt-Base Alloys
Low-Melting Point Alloys
Magnesium Alloys & Magnesium Composites
Annealing of Precious Metals
Annealing of Refractory Metals

  • Publisher: ASM International
  • Published: 2016
  • Pages: 670
  • ISBN: 978-1-62708-112-2